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Catering & Food Service Management

Welcome to Side Street

Here at Side Street Catering, great food is what we do. Over the years, Side Street has created healthful, customized dining experiences that honor fresh and flavorful cuisine. Established in 1998, with Chef Dennis & Cheryl Wheaton, Sr. at the helm, the company has evolved to become the premier Catering Service in the Indianapolis area. Contact us to find out how we can cater your next event, 

Personal & Corporate  Catering


Since 1998, we’ve aspired to always deliver a truly unique and memorable experience from start to finish. We believe that catering is more than just food on a plate.  Building a relationship with our customers is essential.  Knowing  their personal style and need  helps us provide just the service to make their event exceptional. Contact us for family meals, large events  or company service options.

Customized Food Services

Side Street also offers pre-packaged, drop-off service and full service contracted meals for private, and charter schools;  early learning / day care centers; and private organizations and institutions in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  Side Street staff is dedicated to creating appealing and flavorful contract meals, ensuring the same quality and freshness we serve up in our delicious personal & corporate catering meal services.

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